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  • YouTube Social Distancing Emotes With the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic on the rise, YouTube has added 18 new custom emotes to use in livestream chats. The emotes are all related to social/physical distancing, hygiene, and overall good habits to ward off disease. It is unclear whether these are permanent or not:stayhome: :dothefive: :washhands: :elbowcough: :elbowbump: :shelterin: :socialdist: :virtualhug: :goodvibes: :thanksdoc: :yougotthis: :videocall: :chillwcat: :chillwdog: :learning: :sanitizer: :takeout:  (different than Takeout Box 🥡):hydrate: 
    Posted Mar 20, 2020, 9:55 PM by Fresh Memes
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